I recently switched from Paypal to Ko-fi for my tips/donations. Ko-fi (pronounced coffee) essentially runs on Paypal anyway, but it’s less of a hassle to deal with, and allows me to interact more directly with my fans. There is art on my Ko-fi that is present here, and some that is only otherwise present on Deviant Art. Eventually there will be some exclusive art there as well.

My Ko-fi account can be found here, or as a button on the footer menu of both the main site and the Cosmos page. Don’t worry about the “Buy the Author a Coffee” bit–that’s just a metaphor for leaving a tip that Ko-fi uses (hence the name of the site). Since I also engage in some (very) amateur photography, I also have a donation drive toward a relatively inexpensive but high quality point-and-shoot, recommended by both Photography Blog and Digital Photography Review. Check that out too!