It’s been a while! The past few years have not been kind. I’ve managed to avoid Covid so far, and due to my other health issues I’m incredibly thankful for that, but the overall stress of the pandemic and other life issues have kept updates on the back burner. That said, in the past year or so, some progress to my edits have been made, and when it comes to supplementary materials I’ve got some very good news.

The Arsenal page has been heavily updated.

Namely, Carlton’s long-missing M1D sniper rifle has been added. Higher-quality versions of the Bulldog, Haymaker, Medicine Gun, White Wolf, Trench Gun and Yvonne’s pistol have been added–with updated descriptions–and the Slug Gun has been modified for slightly higher detail. Furthermore, Chapter XXIII has been slightly rewritten to reflect these updates.

In addition, Chapters XII, XXXVI, XXXVII have been heavily rewritten, the latter two to add a new sequence and the former to both clean up the second half and to add to the chapter’s suspense. chapters XXXII and XXXIII have also had some updates, notably changes to the type of slugs obtained and some slight cleanup.

Future edits to these pages are still likely, and I will continue my work at editing the story.