Jason Sheil was born in 1984 in Kansas City, Missouri. An amateur writer, he is known for his hobbies of drawing and collecting fossil shark teeth; the latter, along with his lifelong fascination with sharks, have earned him the nickname Carcharocles. Jason is also well known in his family and by his friends as the go-to-person for building and maintaining computers, although his knowledge of programming is still limited.

Jason suffers from a psychiatric illness known as Schizoaffective Disorder; this leaves him with symptoms of both Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. He takes several medications and practices stress-relief activities to cope with his disorder, although his symptoms still leave him unable to work. Although not a public advocate, he does spend time discussing psychiatric disorders with those who will listen, and several amateur writers have sought his advice on mental illness for their writing. In addition, he is known to occasionally offer advice on writing quality and plot elements for his fellow hobbyist authors.