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Inheritance released!

We’re just barely late, but Inheritance has been released! This story deals with a deity not yet seen in Deathscape, but for now, his name isn’t known. There are some other, disturbing details about the nature of the Deathscape Universe hidden in this story as well….

Inheritance News

Good News, folks! The rough draft to Inheritance is finished! within the next day or two, it will be uploaded to the Deathscape Cosmos page!

Cosmos Subdomain Back Up!

The Deathscape Cosmos page is up and running again. I’m not sure how it happened, but the A name for the page had been deleted. A new A Name was created the day it went down, and as of last night everything seems to be in order.

Cosmos Subdomain Down

For the last 24 hours, I’ve been experiencing problems with my site. Most of those problems are now fixed, only now I’m hit with a brand new problem: the Cosmos subdomain is down. Yes, it’s throwing an error even for me. I’m going to have to contact my webhost, and I’ll report any updates as I get them.

Chapter IV Rewritten!

Chapter IV has been rewritten! Even if you’ve already read it, I suggest checking it out, as there’s enough new material to make it worth your while!

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