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They are the light that awaits us in the end.

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New Chapter Will Be Delayed

This week’s chapter will have a slight delay. We’re preparing for our yearly inspection, which was dropped on us at the last minute. It won’t take us all night to prepare, but this will force me to postpone the chapter until Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding.

Chapter XXIV is out!

Chapter XXIV has been released! It seems we’re finally getting something of an explanation for what’s going on… and it isn’t a nice one.

Chapter XXII Released

Chapter XXII of The Revelation is out! What a weird book Pepper has found….

Chapter XXI Released!

Chapter XXI of The Revelation has been released! Is Pepper onto something?

Also, The Revelation is now listed on Muse’s Success!

Chapter XX is out!

Chapter 20 of The Revelation is out now.

We also have two reviews on Web Fiction Guide!

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