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Outage Today–Webhost Server Went Down

The local server for our web host lost power today, shutting down my site for about a half an hour. However, the host was able to upload everything to the backup server, and we were online immediately after. The web host recently did some server maintenance that has been causing problems the past two days, but these issues seem to have been sorted out now. So if you had difficulty accessing the site today, we apologize.

Chapter XXXVIII is out!

Chapter XXXVIII is out! It’s a bit late (again), but it’s up. It’s not a huge chapter, so I’ll see what I can do about adding a new one later this week. Hopefully I can get yet another out by Monday!

Chapter XXXVII & Privacy Policy

Chapter XXXVII is now up! Better late than never, right?

In addition, we have updated the Privacy Policy on both The Deathscape Mythos and The Deathscape Cosmos. Both are essentially identical, and are meant to comply with new EU laws. We still don’t resell data or use them for ads, nor do we send unsolicited emails. We have taken advantage of Google Analytics’ new features to ensure that analytical data goes away as soon as possible. We may want to know that people are visiting the site, but it’s their choice to make themselves known to us.

Chapter XXXVI is up!

Chapter XXXVI of The Revelation is now up! It’s a few hours later than the deadline I gave myself, but at least it’s out, right? From here on, I’ll be going back to the official Mondays schedule for chapter updates. I’m aiming for weekly again–not sure if I can hit it without snags just yet, but I need to try.

Chapter XXXVI likely up on Monday

Blood draw was a bust. There was a glitch in the system that prevented paperwork from reaching the lab before I got my blood drawn. Will be doing that Tuesday. Plans I had to try to update were further complicated with our apartment had a brush with the outer edge of a tornado. Our AC got ripped off our roof, and well, it got pretty warm and stagnant in here, even with our fans going. We had to keep the computer off for most of the time–which is why The Pride was late. Thankfully other than the AC and a few trees that got ripped apart, not much damage was done to our apartment, but a unit further away got split in half when a tree hit it head-on.

The good news is I’ve done some work on Chapter XXVI and Dylan is poised to do his review of it Sunday night. It should be up by Monday evening if all goes well.

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