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Chapter XXVII released!

Chapter XXVII of The Revelation has been released! Things appear to be picking up. Is someone or something targeting the Carters?

Chapter XXVI, first of Part II, released!

Chapter XXVI has been released, and with it, The Revelation has been divided into parts. Part I, now titled Signs and Wonders is the buildup and culmination of the initial reveal. Part II–which is called Out of Nothing, will deal with the fallout of this discovery. There will be a total of 3 parts.

Readers should be warned: from this point on, the story will become increasingly disturbing. It is a good idea, if you found Chapters XXIV – XXVI to be too upsetting, to evaluate whether or not The Revelation is the right story for you. We will be dealing heavily with nihilism, existentialism and both personal and cosmic horror from here on out, and things will only get worse for the protagonists. As Chapter XXVI has shown, I will no longer be pulling punches.

Chapter XXV Released, Part II Underway

Chapter XXV, the last chapter of Part I of The Revelation, has been released. This announcement comes late, as my run of bad health has culminated in a case of the flu. I intend to release Chapter XXVI later today or tomorrow (as in Friday or Saturday), followed by Chapter XXVII early Monday morning. As always when it comes to multiple chapters, this isn’t a guarantee.

Part II will kick off with Chapter XXVI. After it is released, there will be a new page added between the Table of Contents and the first chapter to mark the first part, and it will be noted on the Table of Contents as well. Chapter XXVI will be added alongside Part II’s page.

Keep an eye out for this update, as the pace picks up quite a bit during Part II.

On a new medication, still adjusting to it

One of the many “perks” of my mental illness is anxiety. Anxiety is heightened when I’m manic, but it can flare up at the worst times. Although I’ve taken Paxil for this for years, it recently started to not be effective when I’m trying to sleep–as a result, I’ve been put on Trazodone to supplement the Paxil and my sleeping pill. It’s working, but unfortunately my body is adjusting to it.

The best way I can describe it is I’m really freaking tired. All the time. I have little energy, and it feels like I’m fighting rapids while going upstream when I so much as get out of a chair. It’s been getting better the past few days, but sadly I’m not quite in the right mindset to be writing right now. This is why my Tuesday update last week didn’t come, and is why I won’t be updating this week (unless I adjust well enough to do so). I will try again next week, so stay tuned.

New Chapter Will Be Delayed

This week’s chapter will have a slight delay. We’re preparing for our yearly inspection, which was dropped on us at the last minute. It won’t take us all night to prepare, but this will force me to postpone the chapter until Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding.

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