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Chapters may be delayed

Chapters may be delayed for a while. My computer is currently on the fritz–the processor is fried and my heatsink failed.

I’m currently on another person’s computer, working from there. I may be able to post a chapter later this week, so keep an eye out.

Chapter XXX released, plus Twitter!

Chapter XXX of The Revelation has just been released! Expect the story to kick into a higher gear in short term!

Also, have a look at our new, official Twitter account! Technically, it is an old account I made for a graphics card contest and haven’t used since, but I felt it should be given some life a new purpose.

New Twitter Account to start on January 3rd

Had an old Twitter account I never used. Starting January 3rd, it will be the official twitter account of The Deathscape Mythos. Check back then for the announcement!

On Break for Holidays, Will Resume January 3rd

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been having some difficulties this month, but they’ve been smoothed out. I do have a new chapter waiting to be uploaded, but it will need to go under some review before then.

Due to this month’s chaos, I’ve decided to officially take a vacation until January 3rd. Work will still be done during that time though, I just won’t be giving updates until then. Rest assured, I’m in good health and I’m actually getting a bit more sleep than I used to. Thanks to former hosting partner and close friend Deni Makhoul for giving me what I needed to fix my tired old bed!

Chapter XXIX is out!

Chapter XXIX has been released. Sorry for the delay. Thankfully this one wasn’t health related, but hopefully it won’t happen again either way.

Roderigo’s voices are getting louder, and there’s something definitely wrong now… but maybe this time, he should listen….

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