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Site Update!

The site’s theme updated recently, and with it came some improvements. Notably, a new feature in the Customization menu–the ability to add a logo in lieu of a site name. After some painstaking work this evening, I’ve updated the site with the new logo, as well as made the following improvements:

  • Removal of the Home link from menu: the new logo doubles as a link to the home page. Because of this, the home link is now redundant and has been removed.
  • Removal of broken Header Image: I briefly fixed the Header image, but it took up too much space, forcing the reader to scroll down to view any site text. I ended up removing it, but due a still-existing limitation in the theme’s code, this didn’t fix the problem. Instead, an 80-pixel-high header image was put in its place, which fixed the issue.
  • Added a side bar to the Home and News pages, showing the three most recent news updates. Reduced home page to a half-page width to allow it to be seen.
  • The Cosmos site has not yet been updated in this manner, but should be by the end of the summer. Unfortunately, I will have to create an entirely new logo for that subdomain to do so, which may take some time.

After some health issues and a prolonged neglecting of The Revelation’s local document, I’ve put The Revelation on a short hiatus. This is both to help me recover healthwise and to allow me to do some grungy “tidying up” of both my local documents and the current chapters. I’m also doing a commission for a friend, but since that is a short story you shouldn’t expect it to actually cut into my time much. Expect an update for The Revelation by next Monday at the earliest, but don’t expect the trend of missing updates to last much longer than that.

In addition, I’m in the process of rewriting an old Cosmos story that is not on currently on the site. This will bring the Cosmos subdomain up to three short stories. In July or August I’ll also start editing/rewriting a fourth story, and I’ll have a fifth story ready by Halloween. The stories’ plots aren’t available yet (even though all three stories are currently in a draft stage), but the update is as follows:

  • May: The Pride
  • July/August: Inheritance
  • Late October: The Wolves of Dunham

Chapter XXXV Released

Sorry for the delay! Chapter XXXV of The Revelation has finally been released. Will begin working on Chapter XXXVI as soon as possible.

This one occurs some time after Chapter XXXIV, but directly follows the events of that chapter. Why is Carter so quick to send Fiona and Pepper away, I wonder?

Chapter XXXV Upcoming

Chapter XXXV will be out sometime later this weekend. After that, Chapter XXXVI will be released later in the week. I’m trying to get myself back on schedule, but it will take a bit.

Chapters XXXI, XXXII, XXXIII and XXXIV are out!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Chapters XXXI, XXXII and XXXIII have been out for a while now, and Chapter XXXIV has just been released. Enjoy!

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