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Chapter XLIII is out!

Sorry about the delay! Chapter XLIII is out! Well, now we know how the red-haired young man made the lighter work. And Tri-Ball sure makes a mess, doesn’t it?

Also, what could possibly have made that scream?

Bit of a heads up, by the way: next week will be the last chapter for a few weeks. After that chapter is published, I’ll be rewriting existing chapters for quality. Don’t worry, you’ll get new content as well–during that time, I’ll also be working on Inheritance for the Cosmos subdomain. Graphic content advisory for that story–the climax will not be pretty.

Chapter XLII is Out!

We passed inspection! It was pretty painless. In all honesty, it almost always is, but considering keeping our home depends on us passing once a year, we tend to go overboard and stress about it far more than we should.

More importantly, The Revelation Chapter XLII is out! It appears that Ash is ditching the diet he was raised on, and Steven doesn’t seem to like it. Meanwhile, Carlton’s having another coughing fit. Maybe he should lay off his smokes?

And who, may I ask, is this red haired kid?

The Revelation Delayed–Only One Week

As you might have noticed, there was no chapter on Sunday. That’s because on Friday, we received notice of an upcoming inspection at home. These things are an annoyance, and different inspectors have different ideas of what constitutes “clean,” so no matter how spotless our apartment is, we always spend about a week making sure it’s outright sterile. This can be a bit difficult when one of the two people who lives there suffers from chronic, extreme pain and the other throws out his back early on, so we’ve been extra focused. Things should return to normal Sunday, and a new chapter should be out by then. If I’m able to, I’ll do a second chapter Wednesday or Thursday as well.

Another bit of news

Another bit of news: I will now be leaving comments after every chapter, starting with Chapter XLI. When the revisions come later this year, comments will be added to each revision.

Expect these comments to address a plot point, either in a joking or serious way, or even give some insight into the characters. They can be skipped without missing much, so don’t worry if you’d rather not read them!

Chapter XLI is out!

Chapter XLI is out! Note that this is not the final revision, but it’s pretty close.

The second half of Chapter XL will likely be removed later on, to keep the flow of upcoming chapters. You’ll see why in a few weeks.

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