A few links for those who want to see more about my site. A bit of a warning: some of these links contain spoilers, so browse them with caution.

    • My deviantART page – A pretty good page for finding Deathscape Concept Art, such as weapons and characters. Used to be the host of several pieces of work that could be considered spoilers, but these have been removed. Was also once the home of the Short Stories on the Cosmos subdomain, but again, these have been removed.
    • The Official Deathscape Mythos Facebook Page – Occasionally has art updates (if you don’t want to go to deviantART), and often has posts announcing new chapters. I will occasionally talk about my influences and give shoutouts to other web artists whose work I find extraordinary, so it’s worth checking out!
    • Web Fiction Guide – an online listing service of all things original and web fiction. The Revelation is listed here!
    • Novels Online – another site that lists original web fiction. Web Fiction Guide’s sister site.
    • Muse’s Success – a wiki of original web fiction. A good place to find other authors’ stories!