While I continue to cover from the mess-up regarding my medication, my problems seem to be multiplying. Following a doctor’s visit, I discovered that I have some degree of kidney damage. The cause is not currently known, but could be my medication, dehydration or my diabetes, or possibly a combination, and the extent of the damage and how treatable it is are both mysteries as well right now. I’m getting some blood drawn Monday, and will likely know more next week.

This may also interfere with a medical trial I was about to undergo regarding my liver.

As a result, I’m not sure if I will be putting up a chapter this week like I planned. I’m a bit bummed out, and the new antidepressant hasn’t fully negated the effects of last week’s withdrawal just yet, making it worse than it should be. However, the “first” draft of The Pride is finished, and waiting for editing and review–it may very well be on the Cosmos subdomain by the end of the week.

Until I know more, take care.