Yesterday, the solid state disk that ran my computer kicked the bucket. I’m rather annoyed by this, since the only other functioning hard drive I have holds all of my documents–that means no matter what, I’ll be paying at least 70 dollars that I don’t currently have to fix my computer. This is because I can’t simply install the operating system on the remaining hard disk; doing so would require that I erase that hard drive, losing all data. Although I backup online in addition to on that disk, there are important updates to certain documents that had not yet been uploaded to the server, and some of these are not worth losing.

As it stands, I am working on a relative’s computer. Because of this, my access to files isn’t guaranteed at any time. I can continue updates to The Revelation, but the pace will either match or be slightly slower than before; either way, I will not be able to work on Inheritance for a while, meaning there will be no updates to the Cosmos subdomain for the time being.