December of 2018 turned out to be absolutely terrible. I got sick twice–the first time with the flu, which knocked me on my rear for a week despite having had a flu shot earlier this year. Sadly, this can happen, not only because I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of Diabetes melitus, but because vaccinations only cover the strain expected to spread the most, and well, viruses love to mutate like mad. But the worst part is, after a week of feeling well, I managed to catch a cold that quickly turned into a sinus infection and then into what I suspect is pneumonia–another gift from Diabetes–that I am still not completely recovered from. Said cold/sinus infection/major sickness hit its peak a week in, then slowly subsided for the next week, and is still subsiding. As of now, I can move around the house, but stepping in front of an open door or window is pretty much an invitation to a major coughing fit.

Fun on a bun, right?

November wasn’t much better, as despite not being sick I had some major problems with mania throughout the month. This led to a pervasive lack of sleep (likely further leading to a bad December) and our first real bit of bad news: The return of The Revelation, and rehashing of Part I, has suffered a major delay. Most of Chapter I has been rewritten, but otherwise? Nothing. Either too tired, too manic (which really affects writing quality) or too sick. Ugh. The lack of writing will likely continue for a few more weeks too, as other (more minor but no less distracting) health issues have popped up since all of this.

So what’s the good news? Well, I haven’t given up on the site, and before the now-undetermined-return of The Revelation, the site will have some very nice new pages of background material. You know, world building stuff. This stuff will only be the tip of the iceberg, too–almost all of it will involve The Revelation only, and none of it will be spoilers. You’ll get to know what’s in the footlockers Carlton brought. You’ll find out a lot more about the history of Hybrids, and the background of the world. You’ll find out how the Carters are all related to each other–which will bring out some interesting facts regarding some characters that may surprise you. You may even find a hint at how a Cosmos story is connected with The Revelation….

So until the time The Revelation returns, expect there to be some nice content to tide you over. Do expect further delays on the Cosmos stories I promised last year though–the Cosmos takes a secondary seat to the Mythos, so if the Mythos entries are on hold, so too are the Cosmos.