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Cosmos Subdomain Down

For the last 24 hours, I’ve been experiencing problems with my site. Most of those problems are now fixed, only now I’m hit with a brand new problem: the Cosmos subdomain is down. Yes, it’s throwing an error even for me. I’m going to have to contact my webhost, and I’ll report any updates as I get them.

Chapter IV Rewritten!

Chapter IV has been rewritten! Even if you’ve already read it, I suggest checking it out, as there’s enough new material to make it worth your while!

Chapter XXII updated; Inheritance due in May

Chapter XXII has been updated. It’s now longer, better written, and has a slightly different format. It’s worth the read even if you’ve already read it–so what are you waiting for? Go indulge yourself in some reading!

Meanwhile, The Inheritance is due in May. I haven’t set an exact date yet, but I will have it done by the end of that month. So stay tuned!

Chapter I updated; other updates

The changes I made to Chapter I earlier this year have been implemented. There’s no real plot-worthy changes here, just updated prose and dialog. So if you’ve already read it and don’t wish to give it another go, feel free to ignore it.

A few other chapters have had some minor changes as well. In addition, Chapter XXXVII has also been completely rewritten, but again, it’s mostly just prose and dialog updates, although this one is worth a reread due to an immense improvement in atmosphere.

Update on Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m not on hiatus again, but real life is getting in the way. I’m preparing for bariatric surgery, the lead up to which is both expensive and time consuming. I won’t go into the details on how it got to this point, except to say it is partly my fault (diet-wise) and partly the fault of my medication (many psychiatric meds cause weight gain; mine are no exception), but at this point I need to lose weight seriously fast, and diet and exercise are just not enough (not that they’ve worked with any consistency anyway).

So for the next few months, expect updates to be sporadic. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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